As I have mentioned frequently in my previous articles, my dream is to have my own DLSR camera. I think that pursuit for my excelling in my photography will elevate a hobby into a profession when I am able to own it. I love to take photos whatever subject it may be.

My dream recently came true lately. I happened to acquire a camera that is not the expensive but one that could already make me happy. It’s a Canon 1000D, the new DSLR model from Canon. Great time to start my photography and images and photo collection website..

With the excitement still burning inside me, I’ve been taking photos whenever I am on the road on travel, inside a restaurant where are eating --- as long as I have a chance to take photos. I will just focus my lens, I the clicks on my camera hardly stop.

Part of those photos I share in my new website showcasing the fusion of photographs and captions by my wife. The will showcase all of my photos taken with different subjects ranging from food, nature, places, people particularly celebrities that I happened to meet take a shot of along the way. is my collection of images or photos taken by me and used in my other blogs. For me it is my collection of my best shots which I am proud to share with you.