Who could forget Nat and Alex Wolf from the hit show “Naked Brothers Band” of Nickleodeon’s documentary, rock musical comedy series? Want to chat with Nat, the talented 13 year old lead singer, song writer, keyboardist and guitarist who already played instrument at the age of four? How about his curly younger brother Alex a drummer, play keyboard and sometimes a song writer too? You can catch them live at at around 7:00 pm Saturday night.

This is in line with the new premier Operation Mojo on November 22 Saturday night 8:00 Eastern time. The Naked Brother: Operation Mojo is still part of their Teenick Series “The Naked Brothers Band” 6th television movie. I am sure million of fans who love them and their music will not let this pass by and I am sure it will help Nat get his Mojo Back!!!

Visit their site and get updated with their latest photos, music and news. I had fun reading their blogs on what’s happening to them in their shooting. I also had fun reading those fans leaving messages on their message board. Operation Mojo will be another hit from the Naked Brothers Band, millions of fans are already waiting for this premier I am sure you too.