November 29-30, 2008 - Nurses’ Licensure Exam (NLE) Result will be released on January 2009 according to the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC). The 2008 nursing board exam set the PRC record of the most number of examinees in the entire Philippine Board exam history. A total of 88,750 nursing graduates are now taking the exam in different PRC testing centers designated in the Philippines.

In the same month, I took my Nursing Board exam in 1996 in Cebu City, Philippines. There were 19 of my batch mates who were included in the top 20, specifically the top 1, 3, 6 and 9. But our exam results were released 3 weeks after we took the exam.

So to all nurses who are now talking their examinations, just pray, believe and it will be given to you. Congratulations in advance.