Senate Investigation

Posted by Suplado | 11/13/2008 | | 0 comments »

Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante, former undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, first appeared in the senate on the Fertilizer Fund Scam investigation. It seems that Manny Paquiao’s fight is being challenged when it comes to having many of the Filipinos tune in their TV and radio in the investigation on P728 million fertilizer fund scam and the alleged involvement of the president in the said scam.

Four years in the waiting and yet Bolante clears the President of any involvement in the scam and even denied the disbursement of the money, wherein he is accused of diverting to Arroyo’s 2004 campaign.

P728 million is huge amount of money. It can construct a lot of school buildings, books for the Filipino student, lively hood for those unemployed, foods for those thousand poor Filipino’s living in the streets, shelters for those homeless.

For those government officials who cannot be stopped from taking or corrupting money from the people, please take diet pills to have at least minimize your greed.