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Posted by Suplado | 12/14/2008 | , | 2 comments »

The time flies really fast. It seems like yesterday and I just realized that I am already blogging for 11 months now. Next month will mark my one year of being in the blogging gig.

This “other career” started when my friend taught me how to blog. Blogs helped me a lot in expressing things I wanted to say, show my web designing and writing skills even though I am not so much of a writer but I am sure I may have lots of ideas to share.

Eleven months of blogging and I have learned the truth out of what my friend told me: that there is really magic online. One magic is that of I will get paid to post

This was among the initial motivations I have that made me excited and eager to start blogging. I am very thankful that I started blogging 11 months ago because it really helped me a lot financially and even intellectually. I learned when I write because it entails that I have to gather information, too.

Blogging has become my hobby. At the same time blogging can become an addictive activity, too. I get high posting more informative ideas and stories, sharing my adventures and travels, showing off my photography skills and sharing how I am able to earn from blogging.

I am sure that like other bloggers who monetized their blogs, there is no stopping once you begin to earn more online. I am sure bloggers already heard about and earned from PayingPost. com.This website made bloggers enjoy while posting as they earn online by reviewing or writing articles on websites, products, companies and services online.

Paying Post serves as a possible bridge between the bloggers like us and advertisers who want to make their services known in the world wide web. It also emphasizes the importance between the blogger and the advertiser with the help of bloggers’ shared opinions on a certain products and services while the advertiser will pay for the services bloggers render.


  1. Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez // December 20, 2008 at 11:38 PM

    congratulations bro! i hope you will have more great years of blogging!and with your talents, its not impossible.i wish ill be like you too. hope youll never get tired of teaching me to blog.thanks.

  2. Mel Alarilla // December 24, 2008 at 1:25 PM

    Hi Kit,
    Here’s greeting you the very best of the Christmas season. May the Lord shower you and your family with countless blessings this coming year. Thanks for joining Filipinos Unite!!! God bless you and your loved ones always.

    Mel Alarilla of Filipinos Unite!!!