Importance of Education

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Two years ago, my-sister-in law wanted to pursue an advance study in MBA in London. She had passed all the entrance exams and was even given a scholarship. The only problem was that she had a regular job and already an officer. It’s a waste if she would resign since she already worked there for almost ten years and she loves her company. If she did resign, she would have lost all her benefits. But she believed the importance of education.

But she made think after hearing school mba online. Here she can pursue her studies even at home as a regular employee. In the online school like Capella University. This is a fully online university for Master’s and PhD degress for working adults like her.

Capella University’s latest podcast online education is approved by the state and will enable you to earn your degree while at home in front of your computer. This is available via subscription in iTunes.

Capella offers not only graduate degree programs in business but a lot more. I even think of taking my Master’s Degree in public health or safety in Capella. They also offer degree program in information technology, education, human services, psychology and bachelor’s degree programs information technology and public safety.

Currently, there are 109 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs.

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