I really love the feeling I got after a sauna. I just can’t explain the feeling of lightness, energy and lively vibes after a session. I usually go to sauna before having a spa until I discovered the benefits of sauna in our body. For one thing, it can help relieve our body pain, joint stiffness, muscle pain and it also increases extensibility of our tissue.

Others go for a sauna for weight loss, stress relief, relaxation and better blood flow. I also came to know that it also helps us a lot in the body’s detoxification.

I am sure those who love it even wants to have it in home. Be sure to have it because it is reportedly more effective not just having conventional sauna. There is a new infrared saunas which doctors nowadays do recommend especially to those with ailments, such as inflammation. That’s because sauna is a big help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Infrared sauna can give more benefits than the usual one because its heat directly penetrates the body tissues. Deep penetrating heat which is best for body detoxification detoxifies a lot of toxins such as mercury, lead and lots more pollutants which our skin absorbs everyday.