It’s is really important that you have knowledge about computers nowadays not only in terms of learning how to turn it on or off, typing and just merely browsing on the internet. It is also important to have knowledge in computer maintenance and troubleshooting of some minor computer problems. This way you’re not bugging your computer technician where you bought your computer from unless if you’re lucky to still have free service and warranty. What if you don’t already have it?

As we all know, computer service nowadays is quite expensive and if you don’t know someone who is a reliable, competent and honest technician, sometimes you will be charged for something else even if your computer doesn’t have that much damage and just needs a little maintenance after all.

The usual computer issues and problems that can irritate you are the following especially Windows Vista:

• computer lagging - you just felt that unlike before when you could open programs as much as you can but in the long period of time of using it, this is the common problem

• slow uploading and downloading time

• slow internet browsing and computer hanging

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I am a nurse don’t have any formal study in computer but I maintain and sometimes troubleshoot or fix my computer. We can do it.