When I first learned about internet almost ten years ago, I started to browse the worldwide web and have been making websites in some of the free hosting sites before I told myself that it’s my dream to have my own website with my own domain name someday.

I wish for not just an extension one which is limited, and I wish for one with lots of hosting advertisement. I will never forget one of my free websitex before which I really worked hard for to make it beautiful. I spent 4-6 hours a day and sometimes sleepless night and after I finished it, I never thought and know that you could only use it for a couple of months and if you were not able to have it paid it will close down.

Still I never stopped there because I really love to make websites and share them. I considered it as my art. Even though it is still a free hosting site I still continue doing it. Until my long lost friend found my new free website. She told me why I am still doing it in free hosting site where I could express my talent in a better way now.

That’s the birth of my almost 10 websites with my own domain name now. I thought it was really that hard how to do it. After a month of tutorial, she shared her hosting to host my ever first domain for free. She helped me have it hosted by myself. She shared about the importance of reading reviews first in choosing my web hosting company. Web hosting Geek reviews also helped me a lot in choosing my own web hosting site. She didn’t even just gave her hosting company to be mine also. She gave me freedom to choose that’s why hosting reviews really helped me a lot. You could choose web hosting that really fits your need. Web hosting geeks blogs gave me information about all the things I wanted to know about your hosting packages. When I first had my own web host I didn’t have any ideas about the purpose of those freebies given to me. Until I came to know how to use it from reading those information from Web Hosting Geeks.

The web host I am using right now is still the same one I am using for two years already. It really fits my needs. I know it is always from the top 10, and already winners of web hosting awards.

To all of you dreaming of having your own website and domain name before having your web hosting company, learn from the experts first. Don’t be afraid to try and to start now as all the information you need is all here.