Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Suplado | 8/14/2009 | | 0 comments »

I was very worried when I saw on TV a featured story about the latest credit card fraud that happened today. It was about somebody using someone else’s credit card successfully despite the credit card company calling the real owner to confirm his purchases and despite him denying it saying that he was not the one. Sadly, when he suddenly called up the store, he learned that the transactions happened anyway even if he told the store to hold the person doing the transaction because it is somebody else just using his credit card and yet when he arrived in the store, the store already released that person after that person presented some valid ID confirming he is the one in the credit card.

That’s very alarming because it seems easy nowadays to copy someone’s identity. You will just have to have an ID done in some streets in Manila. Although the authorities already know that this is fake IDs. It is very rampant along their areas yet this illegal business still continues to engage.

We cannot deny the time when we were applying something abroad. There were a lot of papers to be submitted first because other countries do not already have trust on us. There were some cases when someone goes abroad and work using someone else’s identity. They could manage to secure passport and other people’s documents using someone’s name. I hope that we will be having identity theft protection to end all this and spare further suffering from potential victims.