I remember almost two years ago when my long lost friend discovered my websites. It was my school batch website and was built for free using free hosting sites. My friend asked me why I have been wasting my time again doing such great website in a free hosting site where there were lots of limitations and downsides. When I could have it easy and have the chance to choose great website hosting that offers lots of advantages if I would be into web designing or blogging.

I didn’t take my friend’s words seriously until there came a time when I reached my maximum space limit and could not add another page anymore. In addition to that, only few of my batch mates can browse because it suddenly reached bandwidth limits. The annoyances of some pop up advertisements sometimes have been mistaken for our batch announcement.

That made me realize the things my friend told me about webhosting. Now I already have almost ten websites I am happy that I have contributed in my own little way for my batch mates especially since we will be having a grand Alumni homecoming next year. Most of us are scattered around the world and our batch website is really a big help in making us close again online.

Just always remember and make sure before choosing a website hosting company for your future website that it will meet all your website needs. Read hosting articles and reviews so that you can always consider affordability, reliability and most importantly service satisfaction.

The things my friend told me about hosting my websites are the things I also share with my friends who want to start their own, too. It helps to bring back time.