Ozone Disco - Worse Tragedy

Posted by Suplado | 10/26/2009 | , | 0 comments »

I read about the worse tragedy that happened during the concert of the band Great White at the Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island. The tragedy claimed 100 peoples’ lives.

The accident started when the tour manager Daniel Biechele set off to a pyrotechnics display during which time the band just started their first song. Pyrotechnics sparks display ignited the soundproofing foam of the venue thus making more than 432 people in the concert went into a stampede and others were trapped inside the club as the fire spread throughout the club.

This is comparable to what had happened to Ozone Disco way back more than 10 years ago. Sometimes happy moments just turn into a worse nightmare. Because mostly victims during the Ozone tragedy were those newly graduates who were just celebrating their graduation night in the disco. Sometimes it better to prepare your self always. Sometimes it makes me think of what one of my friend has been telling me about securing yourself an insurance and make life insurance comparison for a better premium for your own benefit and that of your family.