Just want to give some tips worth considering before buying new house. Aside from ensuring the location and convenience, the past typhoons taught us that the unit should also be within and area free if not safe from floods and away from faults. Make it sure to ask all the possible hidden and future charges. Don’t easily believe what the agent tells you about paying only certain amount and yet by the time you will transfer, you will be shocked about all the hidden charges like transfer fee, insurance, and many others.

Make sure also to have documents signed by the developer the expected time where you can already use your house. Like what had happened to my sister in-law where the developer promised that the unit would be liveable in October and yet they failed to finish other units. As a result there are still no available electricity and water supply has been installed on the promised date and yet because construction was still going on, dust and other cement residues are entering the house.

My brother in-law really hates dirt, dust and other small particles scattered all over the house. That made him think about using central vacuum system just to clean the house almost every minute. This problem is really existing even among reputable developers that’s why it is also the job of the government agency to regulate and issue possible sanctions or violations to developers.