Illongo’s Foods

Posted by Suplado | 1/06/2010 | | 0 comments »

What are Ilonggos’ signature foods? To me, these would include cansi (Illonggo style Bulalo), timan (Illonggo style suman or sticky rice), Manapla puto and of course, chicken inasal. These are the foods I really missed in Negros while my wife missed baye-baye, pastel and salted peanuts. I excluded other trademark dishes such as sea foods, batchoy, and other pork-made foods since I don’t eat these anymore for religious reason.

These are the foods you will really miss and the foods I wanted everytime I am in Negros. Luckily I am not eating lechon and dinuguan anymore. Otherwise, I’d have to tap on another free insurance quotes first before going home.