A Journey to Wealth

Posted by Suplado | 5/04/2010 | | 0 comments »

One of the interesting films I got to watch lately is a movie called “Journey to the Center of the Earth” starring Brendan Fraser. The story revolves around a failing science professor, a mountain climbing guide and a child who is the nephew of the professor. The three find themselves embarking on an adventure in search of the center of the earth that the professor’s brother.

As an adult who has already somehow let go of my childish fantasies, what struck me in the film is on how much valuable gems are in making someone wealthy. There is a scene where the child got to collect diamonds such that when the three got back to the “normal earth,” they are already wealthy. The professor is able to purchase his failing office and instantly becomes the boss.

In reality, one doesn’t need to embark on such majestic journey to get an investment piece like a diamond. One simply has to buy gold bullion as a means to preserve wealth. This is because gold never depreciate in value. It only increases over time.