Car Sirens

Posted by Suplado | 7/04/2010 | | 0 comments »

I was very glad that the president included the problem of car sirens (“wang-wang”) in his presidential inaugural speech. It looks like a tiny concern but it brings great impact to those who have experienced being victimized by the people who use it inappropriately although they know they are not authorized to use it. It is really irritating when you happen to bumped by them on the road. It’s like they are the only lucky person in this country.

Hopefully the authorities will really tackle this not just after the presidential speech but all throughout the new administration’s term since we know that it is a law. We hope that penalties be imposed to those caught having this sirens in your car. Car associations hopefully will also condemn this by expelling those members with caught with wang-wangs. Car manufacturer should void the warranty and also car insurance company will not accept or provide insurance to vehicles who have these.