Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

Posted by Suplado | 9/16/2010 | | 1 comments »

I was glad when I heard that there will be a Biggest Loser Pinoy edition in the country that will be aired soon in one of the biggest networks and will be hosted by one of the popular actresses in the country. Although I am not really a fan of previous Big Loser show, I love to watch it especially the Biggest Loser Asia. I saw thousands already auditioning for this weight loss reality show on TV. I am sure many will attempt to join and to lose weight without the help of glucomannan for weight loss although it was not yet divulged as to how much will be the prize of the winner. Certainly, it is more than enough to gain so much more weight again after the show.


  1. Online Shop // September 18, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    I look forward this show. I love the idea.