Police Stories

Posted by Suplado | 9/13/2010 | | 0 comments »

I had a short chat with my friend in the United States this morning and our topic was about the performance of the SWAT during the assault on the hostage crisis that a happened few weeks ago. According to him it became a topic and laughing matter in some online forums and network sites around the globe. I only replied to him as a joke and I hope I will not hurt the policemen and women in the country. I have some friends who are responsible and well respected police officers. I told him that we already expected it. You will be shocked if they have done it successfully.

Although as a Filipino I am not proud of it to have officers or policemen like that and even not proud to have corrupt policemen in the country. I am referring to those policemen on their police patrol cars just collecting money from those newspapers and vendors selling cigars on the streets. I still believe that not all policemen and police women are like that. There are still a lot who are honorable.