Barangay Election Candidates

Posted by Suplado | 10/24/2010 | | 0 comments »

With the development of almost anything in the world, even candidates for a Barangay and SK election are riding on with the trends. Before, you would only see the name of the candidates on their campaign banners and paraphernalia. Some would just paint only using bare hands. But now with the existence of modern printing press and tarpaulin you could now see their faces everywhere. Sometimes you are not sure if they are the one in those photos or it is their photo 10-20 years ago or if they have undergone best acne treatment because you will see that they have fair and smooth skin in the photos instead. It is likely a result of photo shop or computer enhancement. But as voter I hope we are matured already in terms of choosing who will lead us even at the barangay level. Choose those who really want to serve and not those who are willing to be served.