Dressed To Kill

Posted by Suplado | 12/07/2010 | , | 0 comments »

Yesterday we had an early dinner in a famous restaurant where they made their really old photos as their restaurant wall paper. The photo was taken during 1950s out side their very first branch. You could see old cars parking out side and people walking in a wide and clean streets of Escolta, Manila. The very thing I noticed in that photos is that people during that time really wore proper dresses and they were wearing shoes . Some were even wearing coat and tie. They were really dressed to kill. Unlike today, people have already their special occasion dresses where they only wear them on a really special occasion.

Try to walk in the streets of Escolta in Manila today. You even see people walking with out wearing shirt. I remember my grand fathers told me that they use to sell fish in the market before but they really wore something elegant according to them. They called it “sputting” or dressed to kill. That’s why they were respected even though they were just fish vendors in the market.