Justin Bieber Aftermath

Posted by Suplado | 5/18/2011 | | 0 comments »

Justin Bieber is a phenomenal child singer who just had a concert in the country. But instead of leaving good memories behind, it appears that lots of people got mad, disgusted and insulted the way he showed his attitude towards one of the airport personnel who just wanted his autograph. Although we are not there to really proved that incident, the event really happened can be viewed in youtube.com video but the way we looked at what happened, it really is not appropriate for him to act that way. Although some of his fan defended him because he was not really felling well that time. Even Bieber needed emergency medical assistance that night of his concert.

Luckily for him because it happened after his concert and he was leaving the airport but what if it happened before. Many will remember to what happened to The Beatles when they visited the country before.