Helmet Law

Posted by Suplado | 10/11/2012 | 0 comments »

People especially the netizens are now clamoring about the new signed Cybercrime Law. At this time, the supreme court 0f the Philippines already issued a TRO on the said law, so I cannot write much about it today. I am not complaining why congress keeps on making new laws because as we all know, laws are created for the people so that society will be in order. But when a law becomes a means to provide due advantage to some people or elements, it then becomes prone to disadvantage some people instead. 

 Lots of laws have already been created and the government has already spent money for it, although some are not implemented thoroughly either due to other more prioritized laws or some don’t have funds to implement it. One example is the helmet law. We stayed in Pangasinan province for more than a week but I noticed motorcycle riders don’t observe it. Police check points are present in almost every block but in every 100 motorcycles I saw, I hardly saw one wearing helmet. 

 As we all know motorcycle accident has been one of the leading causes of death of Filipinos. One is lucky if there’s an available free spirit scooter at andrew street here after an accident.