Finding Long Lost Friend

Posted by Suplado | 2/16/2013 | 0 comments »

It is amazing  how Facebook really helps us a lot in terms of finding our long lost friend . It has been ten years ago when one of my closest friends left for a life in United States. Until then, our communication was cut off and we never had a chance to communicate with each other. With the help of Facebook, however, I was able to locate him a year ago. Knowing him as a technical person although we both graduated from a medical course, I leaned that he is a Medical Technologist while I am a nurse. I know for sure he will be online. I am happy to know that he has a great life now but also tends to  leave those laboratory ovens, blood testing and analysis job. So if you want to locate a long lost friend or people who are acquainted with you, it would be good to have a Facebook account.