Educational Travel

Posted by Suplado | 7/15/2013 | 1 comments »

I like to watch a program on TV featuring budget traveling. The show is giving tips on how to travel with a minimal budget. Staying in an affordable and yet comfortable place and eating in a cheap but decent restaurants during travel are wise options. Although you can also search for them on the web, or if you want an educational travel, you can also visit for educational travel services. For those who can afford, it would still be good to bring contingency money or credit cards during your travel for un-avoidable things that require extra spending.


  1. Radha Krishna Swami // August 25, 2013 at 9:14 PM

    Many travel shows like Yatra, Travel foodie etc. throw highlights on vivid remarkable places, travel budgeting and more. The travelling hence turns out to be more educational once we are little aware about the places through these shows.