Internet Connection-Failed

Posted by Suplado | 1/29/2008 | , | 0 comments »

I wonder why my internet connection has always been failing --- failing me actually. Two days of no connection every week?? Don't I deserve some refund on this intermitent disconnection? And guys they stated in my subscription agreement that I can expect "A 24-HOUR VISIT OF OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM." But last week, I was visited only after almost 50 times of follow up (yes I counted). Can I report this to DTI Consumer Complaints Desk?

I don’t know really what the problem is: the technical part or the responsiveness of the technical person on their hotline or both. On the technical problem, I learned that the possible problem was on the box, but a line man visited my neighbor using the same Internet provider and he tells me they don’t have problem. One of the technical person who answered my call performed me some configuration which in the long run, enabled me to memorize the same thing they want me to perform.

And now here I am again, hardly posting this blog, I just want to apply for my Paypal account and update my EON account. Also to update my website.
Is there any thing I can do about the lost connection? GRRRRRRRRRRRR...

Maybe I should play again with my son, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT he is sleeping.