If you are going to ask me what my dream is for my son, my answer would be simple. All I want is to give my son the best education he can ever have. My wife and I are so blessed to be given Kyle David who is so bright and smart. I believe that if we can only afford it, I know he can make it in good schools offering high educational standards. In my heart as well as his mom's heart, our dream is to send our son to an International School. One thing that makes us prefer this school is primarily due to its respect to all cultures and all religions. We would like to bring up Kyle to become respectful and unimposing, and an international school would be the best starting point to experience this kind of environment.

However, our financial resources are a barrier to the realization of this dream. His mom and I will still have to strive for it even if we combine our incomes. For now this continues to be our dream. That is, if we rely on ourselves.

But we do not rely on ourselves, because we know that it is our Almighty Heavenly Father Yahweh who is our Source of everything. I believe He can make a way for Kyle. I will never stop praying and hoping for guidance that I could enroll my son where Almighty Yahweh wills Kyle will go to school.