Birthday Wish - Canon 400d

Posted by Suplado | 2/02/2008 | | 0 comments »

February 1, 2008. I started my day with a prayer and Bible reading, and then opened my computer to reply to messages sent by friends who greeted me on my special day in my email box and via Friendster. I thanked my friends who still remember me, and also thanked my friends who still believe in me.

I don’t have much to wish for on my birthday. Unless you consider it so: all I want would be more blessings, peace of mind, and happier family. Less burden on my shoulders, more great topics for my blogs and the most importantly, healthy body, mind and spirit.

I’ve always wanted to continue my Photography to post more pictures online. I wish I could have my dream camera if not a Canon 400d then at least a Canon 350 or 300d. How I wish my ever beloved tita could have this as her present to me, but I understand her right now because I know how hard life now is with the recession in the United States. I called her up last week on her birthday and was surprised that she was still working on a Sunday and to think it’s the day of her birth. She’s the one helping our relatives financially. All she could do to give us better life and let my cousins continue their studies. The big reason why she became my ideal woman and also the reason why I took up nursing because of my admiration of her.

But I am still hoping to have my dream camera this year. In the meantime, I’ll start my Photography blogs.

Thank you so much again to those who remember me and also to those who forgot that it’s my special day. We do not celebrate it anyway. May Yahweh bless us all always.