Car Afficionado

Posted by Suplado | 2/11/2008 | | 0 comments »

My son Kyle loves cars so much. He has a steady supply of Top Gear and C! Magazines each month since Jan 2006 and some back issues of Top Gear from 2005 to 2004 courtesy of his parents’ allocated budget for these. He also has some American car magazines too, like automobile, NASCAR and trucks magazine. Not to mention that he also has other collectible car books which we got from book sales.

His passion for automobiles started when he saw the movie “Cars” when he was a year and a half years old. At the age of 3 he already knows all car brands from Japanese, American, European and other luxury cars through their logos. I remember every time he’d have a new magazine he would scan it and ask me what that car is, almost everyday every time we are in our bed. I also remember buying him American Car Buyer’s Guide Magazine which features almost all the cars in the world. It would take tons of patience when a very curious little kid will ask, I remind myself when I’d get irritated because I couldn’t take some nap because he would always ask me about every featured car in every page.

He was able to obtain the 2007 C! Buyer’s Guide Magazine which featured all cars in the Philippines. He has a collection of Hot Wheels Matchbox, Tomica die cast car and even Miasto. He has The Cars books, those containing Cars’ characters, Mugs, Pillow, and calendar of Lightning McQueen which her aunt Danet bought him from the States. And if you are to make him choose between going to a children’s playground or a car exhibit, he will choose to go the car exhibit. Even if we are in a bookstore he will seek the Automobiles section rather than children books.

At the age of three, Kyle was featured in the August 2007 Edition of Top Gear Philippines’ Letter of the Month.