Nurses licensure exam scandal? I think the biggest scandal nurses ever made was recorded in 2006. But I am sure it does not happen only to nurses’ exam but also to other courses like what I heard in the Civil Enginering board exam. It’s all because of the those review centers (I know not all but few of those review center), that instead on focusing in the more rigid and quality review of their review, they wanted an easy way. Just to make names. They don’t think about what will happen to those students who will be the victims of this scam. For me to pass the board exam takes not just a 2 to 3 months of review but many years of attentiveness in school, and finally answering those questions honestly during actual exam. How many years of hospital duties will count and most of all your faith and belief in yourself that you will pass because you have worked hard and studied hard for it for four years. And your faith and belief to our Almighty Heavenly Father Yahweh that He will let you pass the exam.

To the Dec 2007 examines, good luck and our prayers. If you pass we welcome you whole heartedly. We welcome you to a career in caring.