My wife's Journal II

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What my son means to me

Kyle David is Almighty Yahweh’s gift of all gifts to me. He brings so much to my life, foremost of which is meaning. With his smile,laughter, playfulness, cries and childlike whims, the “aliveness” that I may have buried deep down inside me get resurrected. With him, the mother in me was born. One big hug and kiss from my son when I’d go home after a hard day’s work are all it takes to melt away the stress and hassles that go along with my daring to partake of what the corporate world has to offer. He taught me how to be a mother. He taught me how to be a better person than I was before I had him. In my daily prayers, Kyle certainly tops the list. If I have only one more prayer left, it will still be for Kyle. My blessings are all with him. I love you, Kyle David. Mama and daddy I will always be here for you.