As a blogger, I sense the need to be careful about the topics I write and post it on my blog site. We are responsible for the thing we write and the information we share over the world wide web through our blogs, We know as bloggers we need topics that can attract more traffic, topics that are controversial, widely talked about and most commonly asked by people in the search engine such as Yahoo, Google, MSN among others.

I notice that blogs about entertainment and show business are the types of blogs that are fast growing especially if you have post about latest celebrity scandal and other latest showbiz happenings. Some personal blogs also can attract people to keep them coming back and read, day by day on what are the latest happening example of that, about the blog of a certain
Brian Gorrell, millions of readers got attracted and more than a million of readership was realized in just a month since he started his blog. It was about his ordeal and alleged experience with some socialites, the rich and famous families in the Philippines.

As blogger readership, traffic and people who keep coming back important factors, I am just preparing the best menu for you, so that you will be satisfied and will keep coming back to try it again and any suggestion and comment will also be welcome.


  1. Andrew Sheldon // April 8, 2008 at 9:44 PM

    Whilst I welcome any attempt to highlight the small mindedness of ‘high society’ evidence suggests that Brian Gorrell doesn’t fall far from the tree. See my thoughts at