It made me smile but sad evrytime there is a latest celebrity scandal, nude photos and other controversial story about celebrities. My Other blogsite posted about the latest scandal in local Showbuisness which involved Irah Eigenman alledge nude photos, the photos according to the site which first published “sushi” photo which finally they named it us Irah Eigenman.

Its been two days since Ogie Diaz reported it in his morning program section in “Umagang kay Ganda” and Also tackled it in his radio program in DZXL AM radio “Shobiz Mismo’but they remain protect the Identity of the said daughter of certain actor. But even though they did not reveal the website address were the alledge photos were published, For the protection of the young girl but still they named certain “Joxbido” as one provided the site the said pictures. With out realization that anything is searchable over the net. By just searching “jox bido” all stories associated with those name will be shown in search engine like Yahoo and in Google. Especially according to them it was in the blog.which has an easy access to all search engine.

The next day its been already a talk from different local forums and make people to search . the very same day they interviewed Gabby Eigenman, Brother of Irah which he denied the allegation that it was his sister in the photos and mere product of computer enhancement or mere editing.

I saw the picture by myself and I don’t want to comment if its true or computer editing only. But it’s hurting someone reputations t in jeopardy. And yes its true everytime there is an issue or latest scandal circulating over the net, it is always the same stories are most search. That’s why blogger always fun of making stories out of it. How sad just to gain traffic they even posted those obscene photos.
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