It’s been in a news from the local television that blogging and other e-world mode is being used right now to express political matters and sentiments to the government. My opinion as a new blogger is that blogging is a decent job where many Filipinos has been benefiting and presently helped by making blogs as their sources of income. Most of the Filipinos in this blogging world are doing his as form of hobby and a means to express oneself while getting something financially in return. I hope this will not be used by some individuals whose intention is to destroy somebody which they perceived as a burden to their own agenda. Hopefully this will not be used as their medium to turn this country into chaos.

Bloggers are decent people and I hope others will not be uses by some political people that surrounds them. It is not bad to express oneself in this form of media. We know censorship is not applied here, and you are free to write and express what ever you want to express. Just make sure that what you are writing is really how you feel about the government, stay true to your self and most of all, blogging is really your world.

Don’t just make blogs to destroy somebody. Don’t start a blog that has evil intentions for others. Or to convince people to hate other people. Just make blogs because you are getting paid to do so as long as these are of decent nature.

Bloggers consider their blogs as their friend so please don’t let our friend get destroyed.