Manny Paquiao suffered two nasty superficial cuts on the right eyelid that required 10 stitches and a doctor’s permission before fighting Diaz on June. But the business with Marquez was over. Pacquiao is guaranteed big money whenever and wherever he fights. Win or lose the fight with Marquez is estimated at about $2.45 million on pay per view income alone, and sure it is certainly more than the $4 million earnings he received from his last fight with Barrera.

And now Golden Boy Promotions has offered Manny Pacquiao $6 million for him to face Juan Manuel Marquez a third and last time. The offer was made by Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer during the post-fight press conference that got a little out of control due to the building controversy following Pacquiao’s close win.
Money for Manny, means business continued J

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