Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie or Madonna will turn 50? Yes the American pop singer- song writer, dancer, record producer, film producer, actress, film director and author ...what else I forgot to put that connotes Madonna name. She was born august 16, 1958. She was known before as sexy, daring singer who makes use of sexual, social and religious themes in her works. I remember she was once a criticized by some church leaders during her Confessions concert tour in 2006 and with her music television videos of Like a Virgin and “Like a Prayer.”

Known from her songs “Material Girl and “Like a Virgin,” she has gained the nickname the “Queen of Pop” by the media.. Since her debut in 1982. with all the controversy that runs in her life like those black and white nude photos of Madonna taken in the late 1970s she had in Playboy and Penthouse Magazines. Madonna took legal action to try and block them from being published, but failed. Despite that and with all of those awards she got in the music and record industry, she's also as philanthropist as she has been helping orphaned children living with HIV and AIDS in African country of Malawi. Madonna’s name deserves to be inducted in March 10, 2008 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.
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