Yesterday I found myself sitting all day and playing with my son. Since my Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having restoration and maintenance work again. For how many months I always heard that kind of explanation from them. Everytime I would be calling them, making some report everytime my internet connection goes down.

As a blogger, we have to accomplish “tasks” and post it on time, to maintain advertiser trust and also popularity to them. This is the reason why internet connection is very important. Most bloggers work at home with their computer and internet connection. And to be effective blogger, an ISP that’s fast, reliable and dependable in providing internet connection plays a major and important rule in this kind of business. We have blog site to maintain, article to post, do some research to have better articles, and do our campaign also to gain traffic. And we are all doing that by the help of internet.

Is there law in the Philippines that will punish an ISP like this? Hope the government agencies should formulate some rule on ISP or any service provider. Most ISP in the Philippines imposed certain lock in period everytime costumer, will use there service and failure to do so, certain amount will be paid by the consumer. But what if you have problem with their service. They don’t even have money back guarantee. Maybe this is the time to get internet consumers to unite and to fight this ‘kalakaran in internet business.’

I wonder if ZTE Broadband deal controversy is true. Government could be bought by these giants in this business. Maybe other problems such us cheap medicine bill and other pro consumer law and bill are still in the vault of congress.

Maybe I have been given this problem to have more bonding time with my son. Kyle keeps on asking me about his favorite site JeepYouTube as he metioned because even Kyle cant use my computer he can’t browse his favorite site YouTube and