DJ Montano is the alleged “boyfriend or lover’ of Brian Goller who is an Australian blogger. Brian who exposed the alleged high profile Filipino socialites’ underworld lifestyle. Montano was accused by Gorrel in his blog of owing him $70 Ausie Grant, and wanted him to pay up. But Montano denied those allegations and is willing to face Gorrel in any place and in court.

DJ’s sister, mother and stepfather also guested in Korina Sanchez’ show with a controversial DJ Mo Twister, and denied the allegation and will file a case against Gorrel.

It’s been a couple of months since almost two million Filipinos have been waiting and reading Brian Gorrel’s blogs, waiting for his daily struggles and fight about this case. But I am not taking sides in this issue. My only hope is that they can talk and fix things out for the better of both camps. Anyway the truth will set them free and the truth will always come out. I know Brian still have a lot of fight to face being an HIV positive who came out in the open. Hope and pray that this thing will end up well.