Power of Entre Card

Posted by Suplado | 4/11/2008 | 0 comments »

I know most of us bloggers know already the advantages of being an entrecard blog advertising network member or user. Almost three months of blogging (just a newbie), I have fun surfing other people’s blog as well, to gather data and facts about how to make my blog better. I always see this widget on the sidebars of those blogs I happened to surf. It took me two months before I was able to ask my friend what this entre card is all about.

After a brief explanation from her I registered without knowing how to use or run this thing. But I already read some articles about entre card but I don’t put emphases too much on it. Till I started using it. I learned that you have to visit blogsite who are entrecard user and make a drop.

I started dropping believing first that if you will drop in that certain blog, you will have an opportunity to advertise your site in somebody’s blogsite. I just discovered later after a week of using it that I am gaining some credits in order for me to buy a slot to advertise someone’s blog and also purchase merchandise from entre card members also. That’s the reasons why someone’s giving away entrecard credits.

Now after two weeks from signing up to entre card, I already felt the advantages of it. It increases my daily visits to almost 30%. Maybe I could increase it more if I already could perform 300 drops a day, the usual drop limits. But this time, I could average a1most 150 – 200 drops a day. But only got 40 -50 drops in return from other entre card members. But its ok since I still don’t have advertisement to other blogs which I know can add to my daily visitor count. As what I have seen through my entre card dash board, there are 20-30 clicks from my blog to others because of entre card advertisement:

In my next entry about entre card, I will post what is my style in droping. I know most of the users have their own style. But I am sure styles work for them but sometime not in us. So have to explore a style which is more convenient to you.

In my next post also I will explain how lucky those droppers who drop on my site are.

Start dropping now. Drop Here