Personal Injury Damages

Posted by Suplado | 6/19/2008 | | 0 comments »

Last year my brother-in-law invited us to attend their company outing. While we decided to stay overnight to for swimming in the public resort, we paid extra for all the amenities we have used. But I never thought and we were never informed that the swimming pool had already broken tiles. Were I accidentally stepped on it, it resulted in three inches cut on my right foot.

With to much bleeding we were asking if they have emergency clinic since they are offering 24 hours resort service. But according to the management they don’t have emergency personnel available in the resort. Because I myself am a nurse, I just asked if they also have at least an emergency kit to use but they didn’t have emergency kit either. All they have provided was an alcohol, cotton and band aid. Luckilly I was bringing with me betadine and gause. And these made my cut to stop bleeding its was about 9pm that night and no near hospital or clinic available in the place. How I wonder if they could operate a resort like this were in case of emergency no one will attend to your needs and nothing to use, too.

If only I were in Chicago where there are Chicago personal injury lawyers, maybe I could collect big money from them as damages for their negligence.