I remember I have an aunt working as medical assistant in a doctor’s clinic where it happened to be our family doctor also at that time. I will never forget every time we’d have our check ups, she’d have to dig into our medical records in a big cabinet where it was arranged alphabetically. Our medical records were just hand written by our doctor in a band paper.

Imagine that. Because I was a regular patient that time being so sickly during my younger years, my record was in thick papers. But since they’re just hand written and our doctor transferred his clinic three times, some of them were lost and some of them cannot be read anymore.

This is unlike what I have been seeing today on my son’s pediatrician. She is equipped with computers where every time my son has to go for immunization and regular check ups. All of his records are kept inside the computer. If you will go to ask for immunization and other medical records she will just print it.

Doctors become more tech conscious nowadays. They already have their Personal Digital Assistant or Smartphone or medical PDA software such as of Epocrates Inc. Now physicians can immediately access their patient’s record through these gadgets. I remember we were on vacation because it was a holiday and usually doctors don’t have their clinics and my son got sick all we have to do is to call her for her advised we were lucky because she accommodate us even she is on vacation too. She immediately accesses our son’s records and gives us advise on what to do over the telephone.

Even though she has a lot of patients, she has all the information on her hand by just a click away all of their patient latest information are there, needed to make prescribing decisions, such as drug dosing, drugs allergy, and others of patient’s previous medical records.

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