I am kinda fired up this morning. All the while I thought my DSL connection was in trouble again. A few months ago my DSL was down for almost two months so I’m gonna freak out if this ever happens again. My internet connection discontinued this morning and I saw my modem DSL lights were off again. That was the activity of my modem when I was having my DSL problem if I remember what happened a few months ago ---- so I thought its happening again.

Of course, I immediately called my ISP technical support and I was not even aware that they already changed there landline number. As we all know calling your technical support will take you a while for so many minutes before you could connect and get a technical support representative to talk to you. But before that, I already done minor trouble shooting because I don’t want also to trouble them if I could only fix it and with all the trouble I experienced before. I almost understand and able to know how to do trouble shooting. So I’ll check all the lines to confirm that they are properly connected and I found out that they are all connected.

Fast tracked talking to my ISP technical support team. As usual, he let me perform first all the line checking, as I was about to tell him that I already done I found out that the cord that was connected to telephone DSL circuit is not the exact one. I remember it was my dial up phone line that was in there because I was cleaning my area this morning and I accidentally pulled out the line. So ok, I mistakenly connected the other cable.

I felt ashamed because of what I felt. I was sarcastic while I was talking to the technical personnel. Anyway, I hope you don’t blame me. I just read yesterday in a forum all the bad experiences subscribers have with technical support team of not only one of the internet provider but almost in all ISPs here.

For more than a month now that I don’t experience internet problem since my connection got fixed after more than two months of waiting. So I hope they will continue to work for the betterment and improvement of there service. I hope and pray that during heavy rain I will not experience intermittent internet connection again.