Get You ByThe Look

Posted by Suplado | 9/04/2008 | | 0 comments »

If there was an Ultimate Flirting Championshipgame before, a simple flirting game provided by Extreme Style by VO5 in real life, I am sure my friends and I already took part in this game. We always shared our style and move every time we would be courting girls or wanted to gain someone’s attention.

Aside from those magical, corny and impossible words and worst line to gain girls attentions, a simple look, smile and catchy appearance could sometimes work. We usually called it “Get you by the look”. Looks could kill and sometimes they can make girls never forget you.

Like this simple smile of mine in this photo which already attracted a lot of attention --- of course that was before I met my wife. She will never forget this photo, too. This is also the first photo I sent her.

That was before, but this time I am just playing this simple flirting game to win Victory Hair. The widget provided below. Test, practice and master your flirting skills to attract someone. Here you will create your profile, wait for someone online too who will join live while others are assigned as judge. The game is challenging, fun and exciting. You will answer your best flirting style to win the game. If you feel like your style and look could get someone, try to play the game but for me I love being a judge.

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