I really felt bad when I heard that my high school Alma Mater, my beloved Holy Trinity Academy in Fabrica, City of Sagay closed down couple of years ago. I will never forget that every 27th or 28th December, my schoolmates and I used to have our school reunion coming from different places since we graduated from this school.

Sadly, we now cannot hold our reunion this coming December in this place unless maybe some of the classes will find an alternative place to having their class reunion somewhere like my cousins’ batch mates.

The High School Class of 1986 will be having their reunion next year. My cousin Helen asked me if I could make them a sort of website where their batch mates can discuss details of the said plan. Hopefully, I could get the full details of it and will post it on my new created site for them.
To All Holy Trinity Alumni who wish to post any information about their latest class activities, please email me at admin@supladoonline.com or visit http://hotrac.blogspot.com/


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