Report Corrupt Enforcers

Posted by Suplado | 11/25/2008 | | 0 comments »

Just this morning, my fellow parents in my son’s school talked about their experience pertaining corruption of those traffic enforcers along major roads and city roads in the metro. Imagine all of us are already victims of those corrupt enforcers. What more this coming holiday season. Enforcers really work hard to give you some violation which sometimes you don’t know how they became violations.

Traffic enforcers must remember that their obligations are to manage traffic, enforce traffic rules, guide motorists’ in the proper use of the road, proper driving, facilitate for the continuous flow of traffic and not just to find road violators.

If the Philippines will be free from corruption starting in terms of being honest in the use of the government’s office supplies to as big as road projects in just two years, I am sure Philippines will back on track as a tiger of economy in Asia again.