I started making and developing websites almost ten years ago, but always on some free web hosting site. Reason is that I didn’t have enough knowledge on computers and also on making those website hosts in some paid hosting sites. But ever since, I have already dreamt of having a domain of my own. A domain which would not be just an extension of some domain addresses from free sites.

A year ago, my friend introduced me to the world of blogging. Around that time, I started with free blogging host sites until she told me its time to start blogging with your own domain name because there would be lots of advantages if I would have it with my own domain name and host it paid especially if you wanted to monetize your blog and also if you want to start an identity of your own.

She assured me that she would teach me how to do it since I didn’t have any knowledge about web hosting site and I know there is a lot of it online. We have to make it sure that to have my first domain name site will be hosted by the best, dependable and reliable web hosting company.

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