Common PSP Problem

Posted by Suplado | 4/10/2009 | , | 0 comments »

It’s been three months since we bought our son Sony PSP console. Yesterday after almost four hours of playing it since I have new installed games in it, his PSP battery drained. We were out of our house and we had to wait till we got home and charge it again. But we were shocked that it was not charging anymore. I searched for the possible common PSP problem over the net but some of the forums have their own opinion about the problem.

Sadly, the store where we bought the PSP from was still closed due to the holiday season. Do I need it fix outside the warranty sphere or do I still have it repaired since it is still under warranty although forum said it was a minor problem only? I tried it with someone else’s batteries and it was functioning. To those long time PSP users, do you have any suggestion?