Colon Cleansing

Posted by Suplado | 5/30/2009 | | 0 comments »

I will never forget the day when I received health freebies before I think it is just a gift freebies whenever you will en rolled in a fitness gym. My sister in-law gave it to me. It was composed of couple of stubs. I think some of it is a free spa, facial service and lots more. We availed all of it one by one until we never knew and just surprised that one of it was a free body check up.

The doctor was so accommodating that she even expected us more questions, until she introduced to us a colon cleansing scheme. Since I was also a nurse and believed the good effect of colon cleanse, but still the feeling of putting some liquid in your anus with a lady doctor and a nurse was so embarrassing. Even though my wife kept on pushing me to do so, we never came back for the colon cleanses schedule we supposedly have had.