A lot of manufacturers are asking about the chances that their products or services get bought or patronized online. This is in line with their intention to take advantage of opportunities in knowing that more and more, people are wired to the internet.

Just by looking at numerous online shops that range from shoes to medical supplies, clearly the internet has crafted another purchase venue for today’s customers.

What is the consumers’ disposition towards buying products or services online? In my opinion, this depends on the kind of product or services out there. If they are personal or experiential to the one buying, then perhaps they are better sold offline. On the other hand, there are products that thrive online.

Consider JazzMedical.com that launched its flagship medical equipment and home health care supply website. The site is known also for their variety of lifestyle products. Recently, the site markets a new compound into the supplement market called creatine monohydrate via the ALRI CR2. It is hoped that the product can bring about huge selling success online.