Public Transport Drivers

Posted by Suplado | 4/29/2010 | | 0 comments »

I really drive defensively especially since I always find myself on the road driving together with jeepneys, taxicabs and buses. I am sure most of the private motorists agree with me that some of them are really irresponsible drivers.

My apology to others but that’s the truth. Ask 10 private motorist and personal owner of private vehicles and 8-9 of them will agree. In my six years of driving in Metro Manila, I always encounter them every time I am on the road especially the bus drivers.

Last week my brother in-law’s new SUV was hit by a jeepney who cut him because the driver was in a hurry to pick up a passenger waiting in the side of the road. They were brought to a police station to settle things out. My brother in law called his agent to have auto insurance quotes since its barely a month old.

The driver said that he’s just a driver and can’t afford to pay the participation fee. However, if he can’t afford to pay whatever damages incurred due to his recklessness, then why didn’t he take extra care when driving? Since the driver can’t afford tp pay, my brother in-law turned to the operator which is the owner of the jeep. My brother in law just asked if they don’t have comprehensive insurance which for me must be required especially to public vehicles. He is just asking the operator to the pay the participation fee. Yet he wanted that the vehicle will just be repaired in some car shop he knows. Imagine a month old car which you are really taking care of and love. Would you allow it to be fixed in some backyard shop?

During the negotiation the operator even emphasized that my brother’s car don’t have plate number attached. Hello! It’s a new vehicle as we all know that LTO has a problem lately about the releasing of new plate numbers. Irritated, my brother in-law decided to pursue the case and now the jeep was impounded in the police station instead of paying the P8,000 pesos participation fee which my brother in-asked the operator to pay.