Gas Rollback

Posted by Suplado | 5/12/2012 | 0 comments »

I hope that the successive gas price rollbacks and a news about the upcoming big time roll back among major gasoline will also translate to lowered product prices. Aside from a positive impact on prices of basic commodities, I also expect a lowered minimum fare in public transports. I believe these are clear manifestations that price rollbacks are being felt. All of us must be vigilant in monitoring not only prices of gasoline but also the prices of commodities that are affected these. One way or another, we should feel its impact even if we don’t load up on gas. 

 I hope that vendors in the market would avoid tampering the weighing scale just to gain a few centavos. We know that it is not mettler balance that we are using to really have the exact weights. As we notice, more and more consumers prefer supermarkets because of some bad publicity in the public market such as dishonest weighing scale, double dead meat being sold, among others. Hopefully we could bring back the “suki” system build around trust in each other.